Let me introduce myself

RAPhotography is owned and run by Robert Alston LRPS, who is a Manchester based photographer.

I am in my mature years now, but sometimes still a child at heart. I remain twelve years old for two very important reasons – teenagers get spots and adults have responsibilities!

Photography has been a passion since, well twelve, although like any relationship I have floated in and out of love with it. While at school it was discovered that I have what is commonly known as red/green colourblindness, so as you can imagine this has been a real challenge for me with colour photography and I make good use of a colour picker! However, for this website, I have decided to focus on ‘a life without colour’ – hope you like it.

Now retired and back into motorbikes (1992 Honda VT600 Custom), I love to get out and feel the freedom that this mode of transport gives. Some say another mid-life crisis, well I am twelve! Always and still into cars I have had some interesting models over the years and looking at what they are now selling for, I wish I had kept some of them – ah well, money isn’t everything.

Take a look through the gallery, and please get in touch if you want to discuss or comment on anything you see.